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 the website of the summerhouse on our cattle farm!
situated in Eesergroen, a small, quiet and natural hamlet in one of the
provinces of the Netherlands, Drenthe.

Who is pleased by quietness and space, has found the right place;
the summerhouse has all the luxury you need.

Who wants to learn something of living on a cattle farm is also more than welcome!

We involve you with all pleasure in our daily activities. Which includes: feeding the calves, driving together with the farmer in the tractor, seeing the birth of a small calf, examine the robotic milkingsystem, fooling around with our lovely dog, etcetera.

You can go wherever you want, for childeren there is lots of playing equipment, such as a pedal tractor , go-cart and a big trampoline!


At arrival you will be warmly welcomed by our dog,
and in the summerhouse there is a drink plus treat for everyone.

Hopefully till soon!

Addinks family