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During your stay you are very welcome on our farm.


If you want, you can always have a look in both the calves- and the cowbarn to get an image of our daily work. Very fun for the kids, but certainly educational for adults too.
We tell you with pleasure about our company and are always open to answer your questions!

At our farm you or your children could, for example :

*   help the peasant women feeding the calves
*   sit inside the tractor together with the peasant
*   play with the dog, she loves it!
*   taking a peek at our milking robot
*   taste a tiny bit of our milk, almost straight from the cow, if you dare!
*   and, with a bit of luck, seeing a cow giving birth to her calf!


Some photos to get a small impression of the ins and outs on our cattle farm :

At all time we keep in mind our guests and act wary to avoid mishaps,
yet little bit of caution on your part, is afforded.
When something happens, we are not responsible.